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Argentina: Hope in Hard Times (2005) - In 2001 the Argentine economy collapsed.  Even those who were middle class learned how it felt to be hungry and poor.  With times so hard, people might have turned on each other in fear and desperation, but instead they turned to each other in mutual support.  Amidst a failed economy, distrusted politicians, heartache and hard times, there was a resurgence of grass roots democracy, and an irrepressible spirit of community.   


Official Selection - Havana Festival of New Latin American Cinema

CINE Golden Eagle, Human Rights Film Festival, thousands of screenings worldwide

How Can I Keep On Singing? (2001) - evocative stories of everyday life in the Northwest 100 years ago, based on published stories about settler and indigenous women’s lives by Jana Harris, Jeannette Armstrong, and Mourning Dove.  With stunning photography and an acclaimed musical soundtrack,  How Can I Keep On Singing? was broadcast nationwide on the PBS network.                         Copies    

Another World is Possible (2002) - a report from the 2002 World Social Forum in Brazil, where 50,000 grass roots delegates from 130 countries discussed social and environmental problems facing our planet and how to solve them. Mainstream U.S. media ignored the World Social Forum while Another World is Possible has screened all over the globe.                      Copies    

Net Loss: The Storm Over Salmon Farming (2003) - about net pen salmon farming and the threat it poses to wild salmon, the marine environment, human health, and coastal communities. Filmed in North and South America,  Net Loss was broadcast nationwide on the PBS network, was a feature presentation at Toronto’s Planet In Focus Festival, and is being used widely in classrooms and communities.                Copies    

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Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin

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Argentina: Turning Around (2008) - In the 1990s, Argentina embraced economic globalization, but instead of making everyone rich, the economy collapsed.  Businesses failed, unemployment soared, the government was

paralyzed - until everyday

people from all walks of life

began to push their country

in a new direction. 



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